eNtsa | Specialised Engineering Technology & Consulting Services

Design & Development Services

Advanced Design and Modelling within eNtsa provides a comprehensive range of mechanical design consulting services.
Capabilities range from basic mechanical and CAD design through to advanced finite element analysis (FEA), which allows the group to provide a multidisciplinary mechanical design service platform.

Advanced Design and Modelling

The group makes use of a number of leading CAD platforms that allow seamless interfacing with the varying client systems. Aligned with the CAD systems, the team makes use of NX Siemens, advanced finite element analysis software, which provides linear and non-linear analytical capability.

The design group is capable of handling all phases of the mechanical design process from sketching through to detailed 3D CAD design and its associated issuing of detailed manufactured specifications and 2D CAD drawings. Other services include CAD draughting, component/design assessment, product development, re-engineering, design optimisation and 2D to 3D CAD translation. The group works closely with the automation capability within eNtsa. A vital component of any mechanical design process is component verification.

The finite element analytical capability underpins the production of verified components and systems. The group has developed these services and has the capability to provide FEA services confidently to industry that cover linear static, buckling and non-linear (geometric, contact, and material non-linearity) approaches. Also included in the group’s capabilities are modal, thermal and coupled thermo-structural analysis

Mechanical Engineering Design and Analysis

  • Computer Aided Design, Analysis (CAE Services)
  • FEA analysis (simulation) and component design optimization (Linear, Non-linear and Thermal analysis)
  • Product optimization
  • Accurate CAD conversion
  • High quality 2D/3D drafting and part detailing
  • 2D to 3D Design translation
  • Part design verification
  • Failure simulation/investigation

Controls and Automation

The Controls and Automation group within eNtsa have vast experience in developing custom solutions for high-end machines and services, prototype development, small scale automation projects. The group has highly skilled members in electrical and electronic design, wiring and assembly, industrial and embedded system programming, and software development. The group has developed complex and innovative solutions for many industries such as automotive companies, petro-chemical, power generation and product manufacturing.

Capabilities include:

  • Electrical design and drawings
  • Electrical wiring and assembly of panels
  • Circuit and PCB design
  • PLC and microcontroller programming
  • HMI software programming
  • Prototype product development