eNtsa hosts a number of training interventions based on popular topics and technological areas of interest determined from industry and/or client interaction.
Majority of these interventions are based on face to face interaction due to largely:
i) complexity of the topic, and;
ii) practical interaction required on topic.

Upcoming Training

This training is aimed at individuals in design and manufacturing processes, from design engineers, technicians and inspectors of all abilities.

Date: 29 & 30 July 2021

Cost : R3850.00 (valued at R7700.00)

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For enquiries email eNtsaTA@mandela.ac.za


eNtsa has a customary activity of sharing information and experiences with the team in a Tech Talk manner. The intent of the Tech Talk is to: i) provide basic information on a topic, ii) provide basic instruction and iii) create awareness around a certain topic. These types of interventions are packaged in a format to serve the dual purpose of knowledge sharing among team members, as well as knowledge sharing within the various communities eNtsa operates in. These interventions are intended to have accreditation (ECSA CPD or equivalent) associated to the relevant professional and operational bodies of respective topics.